Shipping Options:

For all of Turkey 17:00 to be given until the orders are delivered to the cargo. If your order is normal shipment (except for the regions indicated as special zone), it will be delivered to the buyer with " Shipping by Cargo" option within 1-3 business days . If your order is Emergency Shipment, it will be delivered to buyer within 1 business day (next business day) with "VIP Delivery by Cargo"  option.

In-Day Delivery Options:

Basket Total Amount Including VAT For all orders exceeding 135TL, there is a "Same-Day Delivery" and "Off-Day Delivery" option for specific regions within Istanbul only.

Orders to be given until 17:00 will be delivered to the buyer within 5 hours after the order is delivered to the same day delivery option. 

The orders to be given until 17:00 o'clock at 24:00 will be delivered to the buyer within 5 hours after the order is placed and then out of overtime VIP delivery option 

* The order with 1 day of preparation will be delivered on the next day with these conditions.

In addition, orders that have been paid can be delivered by our customers from our store.

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